ANCHOR Suicide prevention lesson 8 - closing main image

Remember to be alert to danger and never do nothing. Cry out for help, hold onto hope, offer help to others, and realize the potential in yourself and your life. You always have the Power of the Personal. You can be an anchor for others. Be a part of the solution to help stop suicide and never be a person who drills holes in another’s boat.

There is a man named Chen in China. A movie called “The Angel of Yangtze” shows live footage of him volunteering his time to stop strangers from jumping off of a bridge. He has chosen to be an anchor for others just because he cares.

The Two Towers Clip: This clip shows how Sam was an anchor who was alert for danger, acted, offered help and hope, and encouraged Frodo about the potential for life that still existed even when they couldn’t see it at that moment. Also, notice how Frodo wasn’t in his right mind at that moment, but he did ultimately regain reality. Intervention is important, and there is still good in the world to fight for and enjoy.

Don’t give up the ship. These were the last words of a dying captain from the War of 1812 that were later made into a flag. It is now the unofficial motto of the US Navy, inspiring sailors to hold fast until the end of the battle or until the end of the storm.

So, my hope for each one of you is that you: Don’t EVER give up your ship! And, to be an ANCHOR for others.