First of all, raise your hand if you recognize this person? Some say that next to Santa Claus, he is the most recognizable face throughout generations. But did you know that Colonel Sanders was a suicidal failure at the age of 65? He couldn’t keep a job, had anger problems that continuously got him fired, and he was ready to give up on life. He began to write out a suicide note but then started thinking about what he would do if he lived. “The only thing I’m good at is cooking,” he thought (he began cooking at age six, when his father died). “If I were to live, I would try to sell my chicken.”

Well, as you know he did choose to live. Shortly after this event, he got in his car with a purpose and a nothing to lose attitude and saw more success in his 70’s than most people had in a lifetime.

That is why the image we see and recognize is of an old man. Now, when you see his picture, I hope you’ll remember his story. He was a man who realized his potential and didn’t give up on life.

Life always has new potential and new experiences—you’re just starting to gain more freedom to explore it and to make your own choices. In my life, I’ve enjoyed living in seven different states in my twenties, being self-sufficient, and setting my course. Once with only $10, I moved to Maine to work for an Outward Bound program that offered free room and board. I also paid for myself to study abroad. I’ve had more jobs than I could probably remember. Set goals for yourself. There is much in life to enjoy.

One thing my own experiences has taught me is perspective. I’ve had time to look back and evaluate my past struggles and to now see meaning in them. Everything has led me to be where I am right now. Ask yourself: What would I want to do or see before I died? Remember the acronym FOMO—what would you fear missing out on?